Hi list

when I started a migration to new HDD, according few how-tos, I got the
following warning:

# dump -0Lauf - /dev/ad0s1f | restore -rf -
  DUMP: Date of this level 0 dump: Wed Feb  4 22:02:42 2009
  DUMP: Date of last level 0 dump: the epoch
  DUMP: Dumping snapshot of /dev/ad0s1f (/usr) to standard output
  DUMP: mapping (Pass I) [regular files]
  DUMP: mapping (Pass II) [directories]
  DUMP: estimated 3021238 tape blocks.
*Header with wrong dumpdate.*
  DUMP: dumping (Pass III) [directories]
  DUMP: dumping (Pass IV) [regular files]
warning: ./.snap: File exists
*expected next file 141455, got 146*
  DUMP: 2.86% done, finished in 3:35 at Thu Feb  5 01:44:32 2009

So does anyone know what, exactly, "*expected next file 141455, got
146*" and "*Header with wrong dumpdate.*" means?


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