On Thursday 27 February 2003 10:31, someone, possibly Len Conrad, typed:
> >The ata driver is quite strict on standards implementation. It could be
> > that the promise cables may not comply as strictly with the standard as
> > it would prefer. Try getting 80-conductor cables from a third party.
> > Generally speaking, buying your own cables is better than using the
> > ones that came with the controller anyway, as those are usually
> > el-cheapos, even with the most expensive controllers.
> One unreported point we later verified was in the TX2000 on-board setup
> util, "Show Drive Status" shows both drives as mode "U6" (is ATA133).

Won't matter to ata(4), if it doesn't like your cables, it will force your 
drives down to UDMA2 at boot time. It could be that the cables still have 
abit more noise than the driver is willing to tolerate. A new set of cables 
won't cost you more than $5 each, try replacing the cables first. The 
80-conductor cables that came with my sister's motherboard and with my 
offboard ATA controller (CMD 649 variant) were both 80-conductor cables by 
the manufacturors' claims, but ata(4) was not interested.


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