There are two things you might want to look at. First it trying to set the
modes manually after boot. This is not recommended, and I would not do it
unless on a read only file system, if setting the higher mode fails, or
fails partially, you might be in for a world of trouble. To do this, you
can try:

atacontrol mode ata4 udma6 ---
atacontrol mode ata6 udma6 ---

mx# atacontrol mode ata2 udma6 --- Master = UDMA33 Slave = ??? mx# atacontrol mode ata3 udma6 --- Master = UDMA33 Slave = ???

Also, you might want to look at the length of the cables. According to the
Ultra-ATA (UDMA) standards, an 80-conductor cable must be no longer than
30cm, or about 12". Cables of longer length begin to build up too much
noise, even for the double-conductor design to combat. While Promise's BIOS
and their own drivers (as seen on Windows) might tolerate these noise
levels, I'm very sure ata(4) will not.

I've already thought of that and the guy on site says the Promise cables are 18 inches.


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