It seems Len Conrad wrote:
> >There are two things you might want to look at. First it trying to set the
> >modes manually after boot. This is not recommended, and I would not do it
> >unless on a read only file system, if setting the higher mode fails, or
> >fails partially, you might be in for a world of trouble. To do this, you
> >can try:
> >
> >atacontrol mode ata4 udma6 ---
> >atacontrol mode ata6 udma6 ---

That wont change anything at all...

> >Also, you might want to look at the length of the cables. According to the
> >Ultra-ATA (UDMA) standards, an 80-conductor cable must be no longer than
> >30cm, or about 12". Cables of longer length begin to build up too much
> >noise, even for the double-conductor design to combat. While Promise's BIOS
> >and their own drivers (as seen on Windows) might tolerate these noise
> >levels, I'm very sure ata(4) will not.

ATA cables for UDMA > 2 can be up to 45cm long according to spec.

> I've already thought of that and the guy on site says the Promise cables 
> are 18 inches.

Which is just about right...


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