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I have an old machine I just acquired that I was thinking of replacing my current FreeBSD firewall/router with. It's a Celeron 500+ Mhz machine with 32 Megs of ram, and a 10G hard drive. I am(was) initially thinking about taking out the 10G, and using the flobby disk drive to boot off of. I was familiar with PicoBSD years ago and know I could use that, but it seems that project has been discontinued. After looking through archives to determine what to do, I can across nanoBSD as that seems to be included in the FreeBSD system by default, henceforth this question. I couldn't find any information regarding the smallest image size possible using NanoBSD. So the question is: can nanoBSD fw/ the proper configurations fit onto a floppy disk...and if not, is such an old computer bootable off of a usb stick? How can I tell without buying one?

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