Wojciech Puchar wrote:
I have an old machine I just acquired that I was thinking of replacing my current FreeBSD firewall/router with. It's a Celeron 500+ Mhz machine with

quite powerfull machine, it will run smoothly full FreeBSD installed on hard drive. i think it's much better solution.

Yeah, I realize it's more powerful than necessary to handle the task...though my current firewall/router is a 860+ Mhz PIII w/ 128 Megs of ram. So, this would be a downgrade for my current firewall/router which allows me to repurpose the existing machine for something more computationally expensive.

Still though, I like information requested on nanoBSD (can it fit on a floppy), and how if booting off a usb stick is doable. I imagine this has to do with later bios's...or not?

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