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> Is there any version of freebsd-questions in which
> the traffic is sorted by topic, and in which the recipient can pull onto
> his screen only those messages on the topic of interest? 

You could write a procmail recipe, but I don;t know how succesful it
would be. Filtering on Subject would be marred by several things:

- Some people don't give a subject
- Some people give a useless subject like "Question" or "Help"
- Some people tag messages to threads that are on a completely different
  topic from the preceding messages in the thread.

Filtering on content would also come with hazhards, because of the
threaded nature of the discussions it would be one hell of a job to
collect the whole thread, as things get snipped, or lose things in your
search criteria.

In short, I would say you can either ask for digests, or do a search on
the web archives.

I may be wrong of course, but I do not see how it could be done.
Maybe a KWIC index ? Mmmm..something to work on during the long winter

It might be possible for you to filter out things you definitely do
*not* want to see, that may be better than filtering on things you do
want to see. Mmmm...


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