> On Tuesday, I subscribed to the e-mail version of freebsd-questions.
> Because it generated messages at the rate of about two per minute all day
> long, and I received them on my employer's computer, and just the amount of
> time it took to delete the messages was interfering with my productivity, I
> had to unsubscribe on Wednesday.  I was fascinated by the messages as I am
> a newbie still trying to get my BSD system going and many of them pertained
> to issues that I expect to face.  I may be in fantasy-land, but I will ask
> this question anyway.  Is there any version of freebsd-questions in which
> the traffic is sorted by topic, and in which the recipient can pull onto
> his screen only those messages on the topic of interest?  Kudos to any
> person who takes the time to read any significant portion of the messages,
> and especially many thanks to those kind soles who actually take the time
> to respond.  Both of the questions that I posted in the past did receive a
> response.  Thank you.

A lot of people have mentioned the digestified version of
-questions. That, plus a UMA that can dedigestify and sort messages
(VM will do that) is one possible solution to the problem.

Another is to read the messages as a newsgroup. Most newsreaders
thread these days, so you should get sorted messages out of that. It
doesn't necessarily work well for answering questions because of the
missing Cc: headers.

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