On Thursday 27 February 2003 06:43 pm, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> On Tuesday, I subscribed to the e-mail version of freebsd-questions.
> Because it generated messages at the rate of about two per minute all day
> long, and I received them on my employer's computer, and just the amount of
> time it took to delete the messages was interfering with my productivity, I
> had to unsubscribe on Wednesday.  I was fascinated by the messages as I am
> a newbie still trying to get my BSD system going and many of them pertained
> to issues that I expect to face.  I may be in fantasy-land, but I will ask
> this question anyway.  Is there any version of freebsd-questions in which
> the traffic is sorted by topic, and in which the recipient can pull onto
> his screen only those messages on the topic of interest?  Kudos to any

I also don't really see any option like this.  There are digest summaries for 
some of  the mailing lists.  That may be an option for you.  What you may 
want to try is get a threading mail reader that will group by topic.  A mail 
reader with filters is good too.  I do that then I delete in whole chunks 
conversations I have no interest in.  I can get through a days worth of 
FreeBSD question in 30 min or less that way if I want to.  You could do that 
and only download the mail once or twice a day so that more of the mail 
threads by topic and you can delete more.

> person who takes the time to read any significant portion of the messages,
> and especially many thanks to those kind soles who actually take the time
> to respond.  Both of the questions that I posted in the past did receive a
> response.  Thank you.

Thankfully there are a lot of people that answer questions that are much more 
knowledgeable than I.  It's a pretty altruisitc group.
You're welcome from me certainly.


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