On Friday, 28 February 2003 at 22:11:15 -0800, nate wrote:
> kitsune said:
>> Any ways since ye wanted proof, why I would care to fake it I do not know,
>> I am inserting the out put from dmesg... and after looking into kernel
>> dumps, afaik that would be useless to me since from what little info I
>> found has told me there is a nice chance I won't understant it.
> I reccomend setting up a serial console. you'll need a null modem
> cable and another system to connect the console to.
> capturing kernel panics via log files is tricky,

It's not just tricky, it's meaningless.  You appear to be confusing
kernel dumps with logging panic messages.  Those are two different
things.  The latter doesn't work on the local system because there's
nothing left to log the message.

> I've never been able to on linux

AFAIK Linux doesn't support kernel dumps.

> or free/open bsd, maybe my panics have just been too severe.

That's possible.  But I think you're misunderstanding.

> on the flip side the kernel panics i've had on solaris managed to
> get logged to the syslog server :)

Logging the panic message isn't enough.  We already had that at the

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