Keith Seyffarth wrote:
At this point, I guess I'm looking for recommendations on a window

Here are the major problems with XFCE4 4.6:

* < 20% probability of starting X without crashing and locking
* 20-25 minutes to start X (was about 1 under XFCE4 4.4)
* 0% chance of shutting down successfully if X is running
* can't exit X once started (switches monitor to power save mode and
* maximum run time of 8 hours (average around 5 hours)
* won't save settings

and a couple minor ones:

* XFCE menu doesn't work
* missing icons, even after theme is changed from rodent to tango

None of these were issues under XFCE4 4.4, but I'm guessing there's
not a good way to get 4.4 back...

What other window managers do people use, or what would you recommend
and why?


In 7.1 I installed the xfce mega package and it is version 4.4.2,

It installed every thing xfce has available. It works fine for me.

xfce 4.6 is very dirty and needs alot more work before it's usable. I had some of the same problems as you so i deleted it and returned to 4.4.2.

also installed the Xorg mega package.

First time startx takes about 30sec, after that it comes up in 5-10sec.

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