On Tuesday 07 April 2009 14:55:26 DAve wrote:

> > However, I would suggest that you provide, as you suggest, a separate
> > instance of mysql just for this client as well.  If they screw up the
> > instance they won't affect other customers.  To run a separate instance,
> > I would suggest using different names for the binaries, conf files and
> > datadir.  This can be easily done using symlinks; e.g. mysql and
> > mysql-special.  Then copy the startup script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/,
> > rename it to mysql-special and edit it to change all references to the
> > newly-named instance.  Use a my-special.cnf file for the special
> > instance and reference it in /etc/rc.conf using mysql_args=.
> Thanks, looks like it would be doable. I do plan to use a separate
> my.cnf, separate logging, and even a seperate mysql DB. I was going to
> share the binaries but I may rethink that decision after your suggestion.

Any reason a jail can't be used? This would allow sharing the binary using 
null or union fs, little overhead, yet seperated from host install and no 
maintenance of port installed files, like rc.d/mysql-server.
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