At 11:00 AM 3.1.2003 -0800, Aaron Burke wrote:
>> Subject: Hooking 2 Networks
>> I have two separate connections to the Internet with static
>> IPs and two separate networks. Each network has an internal
>> FBSD Gateway/NAT/caching DNS connected to the backbone & 
>> each have a separate LAN subnet (192.168.0.x on one and
>> 10.0.0.x on another). The default router for each LAN is
>> its internal Gateway machine, so they know which GW to use
>> to get out to the Net. Each also operates web & mail
>> servers. Each have their own switches from the Gateway
>> machine cabled to the servers/workstations.
>This is possible and easy, it will however become a problem
>if your machines are getting thier ip addresses via DHCP.
>There may be a better way. (see below)

Each machine has static internal IPs and listed in the /etc/hosts so
finding them is easy.

>You may find it more conveinient to attach one box to both
>networks. The most simple solution would be to attach both
>gateways to both networks. But dont attach the networks
>together. Doing it this way avoids cable usage, and ethernet
>broadcasts dont have to be advertized on both networks.
>You also will not have to worry about setting up a specific
>routes on each client. And because both routers will have
>addresses on both networks they will auto-forward packets
>between the two networks.
>The following is my idea of what your network looks like
>{}--[freebsd gateway]--{internet conn1}
>(}--[freebsd gateway]--{internet conn2}
>And what you want to do would be the following:
>{}--[freebsd-gateway]--{internet conn1}
>                       (link)  
>{}--[freebsd gateway]---{internet conn2}

How did you "link" the two machines....? I have 2 NICs in each box - 1 for
external and 1 for internal.

>This will simplify the number of hops between the boxes
>and you will get much higher speeds. And if you attach
>the two FreeBSD boxes to both networks, you can still
>safely use DHCP for providing IP addresses to the
>> I would like to hook the two networks together via the
>> switches & I assUme I do this by running a cable from 
>> the one switch to the uplink on the other....???
>> Is my assumption correct?
>Yes, this will work, but you may want to simply attach
>both gateways to the two networks.
>> I would like to have all machines have direct & fast
>> access via the internal NW cables for NFS access.
>Attaching both unix boxes to both networks will solve
>this for you.
>> As simple as this sounds, I have not found anything
>> anywhere about hooking 2 networks together and if 
>> there is any problems. Guess I could just hook up 
>> and try it, but rather double-check with some one
>> who has a similar setup -- or point me to a URL
>> (I've googled, visited the networking and router sites
>> - none talk about directly hooking 2 NWs).
>> Appreciate any replies..... thanks!
>No problem, let us know if you wish to continue this.
>Lots of people on this list can provide good advise.
>(better than me in many cases)

Just have those two questions above inline..... thanks again.

>> Best regards,
>> Jack L. Stone,
>> Administrator
>> SageOne Net

Best regards,
Jack L. Stone,

SageOne Net

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