VirtualHost wrote:
> Please, calm down a bit,
> The original poster only revert to a "modern' install, who knows what
> he ment by this. Perhaps he doesn't want to specify what the
> partioning would look like himself, unless he prefered to do it
> otherwise. The idea that he insist on a graphicals installation is
> implied by the reactions, not by the original poster. Personally I
> wouldn't mind if an additional install cd is available with a nice
> graphical interface. As long as the original, text mode / sysinstall
> is available as _default_, I dont't care if  there is a
> sponsored by
> Fritz Kolberg  [ and yes, he insist on paying for something which is
> free ]
> Jeroen

Exactly. Modern install does not necessarily mean GUI. FreeBSD *needs* a
text installer to work on old machines, headless servers, serial
consoles and the like. That being said, there are quite a few annoyances
with sysinstall. And of course, having a GUI installer as an additional
option is also very welcome.

Some of the current problems with sysinstall IMHO:

- Confusing set of options - Beginners tend to go in circles inside the
- No real 'back' functionality. Can't fix most mistakes, need to redo
the install
- Does not make the difference between base system and packages obvious.
- Tries to do too much for a single program (install, configure, install
packages, fdisk, label, network you name it) but many of these choices
lack essential functionality or behave strangely. (i.e. the label editor
will not allow you to create an extra partition without giving a mount

Personally, I would like a text installer using a previous/next approach
that would give me options like:

- Install a Complete FreeBSD Base System => Subchoices: install
everything or select base system components
- Install Additional Software Packages
- Configure other services
- Help

and that would allow someone to go back and forth between the pages

For myself I don't really mind, as I always do the same install
(Standard, Custom Distribution, Select everything but X, ports, local
and so on) but it would be really nice if people just starting out don't
get intimidated by the installer.
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