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> So long as it maintains two other really useful features of the existing
> sysinstall: [...]
>    * You answer all of the questions first, and only then does the installer
>      commit any irreversible changes -- and particularly not any operations
>      that take appreciable lengths of time like creating filesystems or
>      downloading voluminous install sets.

Exactly, that would be my point, too: FIRST do the interaction,
do ALL the interaction and do it "in one chunk". THEN start installing
everything that's needed by the choices done. This would include
additional packages required by certain services.

As an addition, I could imagine a combination of the linear and
the hierarchical settings access method. I may draw a silly

        FreeBSD installer            NTP settings                    10/28

        Enable NTP?     [x] Yes         [ ] No
        NTP server:     [ntpthing.bla.dings.org              ]   <Select>       
        Some setting:   [oh don't know                       ]
        Other setting:  [ ] Choice A    [x] Choice B    [ ] Choice C

        <Prev>                                                     <next>
        F1   | F2   | F3                   | F4                   | F10
        Help | Menu | Prev: Network (9/28) | Next: Kernel (11/28) | Cancel

And yes, I know emplying the function keys can be a problem, but
I like them. :-)

But I think you get the idea.

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