Manolis Kiagias wrote:

Personally, I would like a text installer using a previous/next approach
that would give me options like:

- Install a Complete FreeBSD Base System => Subchoices: install
everything or select base system components
- Install Additional Software Packages
- Configure other services
- Help

and that would allow someone to go back and forth between the pages

So long as it maintains two other really useful features of the existing

  * scriptable installs -- ie. being able to preload a file containing
    answers to any or all installation choices.  Ideally you should be
    able to PXE boot the installer over a network, whence it runs sysinstall
    automatically to build a system without further operator intervention.

  * You answer all of the questions first, and only then does the installer
    commit any irreversible changes -- and particularly not any operations
    that take appreciable lengths of time like creating filesystems or
    downloading voluminous install sets.

The ability to whiz through sysinstall, set everything up and hit 'go',
then deal with something else while the machine is chuntering away to itself
is a real godsend.



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