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On Apr 22, 2009, at 12:27 PM, Fritz wrote:

As a big fan (and paying subscriber)

Interesting-- I wasn't aware that the FreeBSD project had a paid subscription model...?

...of FreeBSD it pains me to ask this question: When are you going to build
a modern installer for FreeBSD?

I looked at the list of projects and didn't see it there ... did
I miss something?

If you're asking for an installer which requires bitmapped graphics and won't work over a serial terminal or the like, well, I hope the answer is never. Some people have tried before and/or might still be working on a replacement, but thus far, nobody has written one which is widely regarded as better than sysinstall.

You might find this interesting to read:


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I have used the text base Sysinstall since 2.* FreeBSD.

It is extremely flexible especially with ports. Keeps your system lean of code.

Gui installs have a tendency to hide things you need to tweak or alter to suit a specific need.

I find it fast and efficient the way it is.

Thanks to our faithful coders for all their work.

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