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> Gui installs have a tendency to hide things you need to tweak or alter 
> to suit a specific need.

That's a point especially when you want to turn an older 150 MHz
P1 into a worthful part of the IT society. :-)

No, honestly: If the GUI installer just runs on a narrow subsets
of up-to-date GPUs, there are major problems. Especially when a
server has no GPU at all.

Let me state this: correct screen detection is already a problem
with "the big" X, how should "a small" installer get this right
with its limited resources? Mind this: The installer runs in a
very limited setting, while X can rely on an already running

Good ways to go (for those who want it this way) are PC-BSD,
DesktopBSD and FreeSBIE.

> I find it fast and efficient the way it is.

Which makes it modern, in my opinion. But hey, I'm old and
old-fashioned anyway. :-)

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