In response to Fritz <>:
> As a big fan (and paying subscriber) of FreeBSD it pains
> me to ask this question:  When are you going to build
> a modern installer for FreeBSD?
> I looked at the list of projects and didn't see it there ... did
> I miss something?

This topic has been brought up time and again.

The general consensus is that if you need a fancy installer, use
something like PC-BSD.

There are a lot of advantages to FreeBSD's text installer ... for one,
it works over a serial console.  Any new installer would have to
keep those advantages.

It's also easier to maintain than a graphical installer.

The general consensus every time this question comes up is that it
could be improved, but it's currently "good enough" and there are
other improvements that people think are more important.  With a
limited number of developer hours available, something gets

The idea of a better installer has yet to meet with any resistance,
though.  It's just a lack of available time, so if you've got time
and you're volunteering, I say go for it!

Bill Moran
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