PJ wrote:
> Frank Shute wrote:
>> On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 06:42:52AM -0400, PJ wrote:
>>> I am rather surprised and disappointed that no one has any ideas about
>>> using and/or installing a French-Canadian keyboard on FreeBSD. That is a
>>> terrible bug in FreeBSD and a worse slur on the Québecois (or
>>> Quebeckers) or are we being neglected and still considered "The White
>>> Niggers of America"? ;-)
>>> Anyway, everything I have tried does not work on FreeBSD or on xorg.
>>> Cannot set it up or switch.
>>> Somebody, please help.
>> Have you tried:
>> Option "XkbLayout" "ca(fr)"
>> in your keyboard/inputdevice section of xorg.conf?
>> For the console you want to have a look at kbdmap(1) and the list of
>> maps.
>> Looks like you want:
>> keymap="fr_CA.iso.acc"
>> in /etc/rc.conf
>> Regards,
> I probably should have posted all the stuff I tried. My apologies.
> Yes, I had tried similar Options as described in a number of sites,
> including, I think FreeBSD and Xorg. Only the man pages showed different
> inputs. I don't know where you got the fr_CA.iso.acc; my installation
> showed the available keymaps as fr_CA.iso.acc.kbd
> kbdmap -s returns You are not on a virtual console - expect strange side
> effects
> lang_default = en
> dialect = fr_...ISO8859-1
> lang_abk = fr
> Currently supported languages: da de el en es fr hy iw no pl pt ru sv uk
> =====
> Interesting, eh? where does fr_CA fit in and how?
> For Xorg here is what I had found on
> http://markmail.org/messsage/yvq7qqnqhq33hqgf
> Option "XkbModel" "pc104"
> Option "XkbLayout" "us,ca"
> Option "XkbOptions" "grp:toggle"
> That is what I had tried; it didn't work.
> I had tried keymap="fr_CA.iso.acc.kbd" and that gave(gives) the correct
> keyboard on the console. Except, it spews out French error messages
> (tiresome=ennuiyant).
> The Option "XkbLayout" "us,ca" - I have no idea where it comes from and
> I sure would like to know what to enter for that to try it out. And
> where does the "grp:toggle" come from?
> I just went through the same routine and I can't find any combination
> that works with the information I have been able to gather.
> :-(
As I continue to play with this, I think the guy who wrote the
"XkbOption" "us,ca" erred if we think about this logically: the
keyboards are not us or ca - there are none that I can find. They are en
or fr (with suffixes for locales, like US or FR,CA, etc.) So, logically
if the sytax were correct, it should be "XkbOption" "fr,en" right?
fr for the installed kbd in rc.conf, en for the default? Well. That
doesn't work either.
Now, I'm changing the xorg.conf without rebooting. I close xorg and then
startx again. right? Seems logical, as we're not changing the rc.conf.
This is driving me nuts. >:o

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