On Tue, Mar 04, 2003 at 02:33:31PM -0700, Chad Leigh wrote:
> How do I fix this?

One possible fix, if you are amenable to recreating the partitions and
retransferring the data, is to use sysinstall to create the partitions
as follows:

create your root partition and fib and tell sysinstall that the mount
point is / (root).  sysinstall will assign it to the a partition.  Then
press M to change the mount point and change it to, for example, /mnt.
This assumes you would be mounting your new disk's file systems under
/mnt as say, /mnt for root, /mnt/var, /mnt/usr, etc.

This avoids the problem in the first place, but in your case it would
require that you go back and start over with the process of moving data 
from your old disk to the new disk.

I just wanted to get this into the archives to help future travellers
avoid this pothole.

Credit where it is due, this trick was gleaned from Dan O'Connor's site,

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