On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 01:00:30PM -0700, Gary Kline wrote:
>       Yeah, see, this is exactly my problem.  UAually, i just hit 'u'
>       once, check my code, continue.  But then I think there may be 
>       cap-u ['U'] ... or maybe not.  It's only happened three or four
>       times, but that was enough to keep me away from vim!  

U executes a number of undos in one shot.  I've never felt the need to
use it, though, so I'm not very familiar with how it works.

>       You say that :red can undo 'several' levels....  without having
>       me dig thru the vim docs, does :reo take an arg, like maybe
>       :redo 5 ?

That won't work.  Ctrl-R is a synonym for :redo, though, and if you
precede Ctrl-R with a number, it'll undo that many changes.

>       bleah.  bill joy had the better idea back in the late 70's with
>       the original vi  [IMHO]
>        :_)

I feel like the original vi is insufficient for my needs, but that Vim's
development doesn't exactly match my preferences.  FreeBSD's nvi seems to
have moved in exactly the right direction from the original vi, but not
far enough for my needs.  As a result, I'm pretty much stuck with Vim for

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