Al Plant wrote:
> Jeff Hamann wrote:
>> I would like to try some experimental software on a netbook. Can
>> somebody recommend a netbook that can do FreeBSD.
>> Requirements:
>> 1) Need to able to wipe out any ms-windows stuff, get installed, boot
>> up and running within 60 minutes of my time. Download, svn checkouts,
>> etc. not included. I've tired of spending weekend marathons for "fun"
>> 2) Normal user will boot up in graphical interface, connect to net,
>> etc. without anything other than one finger (touchpad?) I'm thinking
>> this is a normal end-user requirement.
>> 3) <$200 even possible?
>> 4) hook up gps units? cronjobs?
>> Am I dreaming?
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> Aloha,
> I installed Manolis desktop (DVD) on a sandisc and it works fine from
> a USB port on an HP 1000 mini netbook. (The netbook has Ubuntu Linux
> on the internal drive BTW). So I figured it would work with another UNIX.

Aspire One (the original one) also works nicely with FreeBSD.  If buying
a newer model it is best to check it at a shop display or stg, since the
hardware has changed and some models may be incompatible (esp. check
video card and wireless chipset. The original one is equipped with Intel
950 and an Atheros wireless. Avoid models with the Z520 - Z530 atom cpu.
Go for an N270-280 model).
The biggest problems with running FreeBSD on such a device (at least in
my opinion) are:

- Suspend and resume not working.  Using powerd though, battery time is
quite good
- CPU is underpowered so forget compiling ports on it (the occasional
small port is OK, larger stuff is a no go). Kernel compilation takes 55
minutes on the One.

A quick note on the XFCE DVD: I will be releasing a version based on
FreeBSD 8, soon after 8.0 is released. I will also rerun a 7.2 build at
about the same time.
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