I'm all over this!

Here's what you do:  Setup for yourself a local cvs repository like so:

portinstall -Pp net/cvsup-mirror

You have to make decisions about what to mirror, but in the end you will
have a semi-authoritative mirror of all the source and ports for the
whole dang FreeBSD development tree, that will maintain itself and be
ready when you need it.

Next, when ever you do a fresh install of "FreeBSD whatever," the first
thing you do after the install is update your source and ports try by
creating a cvsupfile, (I always keep one in /usr/local/etc/cvsupfile)
like this:

<begin cvsupfile>
*default base=/usr
*default prefix=/usr
*default release=cvs delete use-rel-suffix tag=RELENG_7
*default compress
ports-all tag=.
</end cvsupfile>

Note that the <begin> and </end> tags are put in the email for clarity,
but should NOT appear in your cvsup file.  I think src-contrib is
overkill, but I've not bothered to find out because I'm pretty lazy.

Note, also that RELENG_7 is just what I'm using now.  You should adjust
to the "FreeBSD whatever" that you just installed.

So after you put the cvsupfile in place, run this on your new install:

csup -g -L2 /path/to/cvsupfile

Note, again, that csup does *not* get installed with *base before like
6.3 or something ... can't remember which.   Did I mention lazy?  If you
are going back that far you have to install csup from ports or install
cvsup from ports.  (Which may likely put you back at square one where
you have to work through the build failures - it ain't perfect, but it's
nearly there!)

Anyway, the point is you should always, always, always update your ports
tree after a new install so you don't have build failures to stump you.

And  you still might get those :)

So you should consider REBUILDING WORLD immediately after you do a new
install.  And THEN build/install whatever ports you need ...

Good Luck!


On Thu, 2009-08-20 at 19:12 -0400, PJ wrote:
> Does anybody have an idea of what the oder of files and dependencies is
> to install programs without all sorts of nonsensical errors?
> I usually have no problem installing FreeBsd whatever with apache22,
> cups, samba, php, mysql xorg etc. etc. I say usually because from time
> to time there do crop up some conflicts and they can usually be resolved
> by just looking at the error messages when the install is interrupted...
> usually one reinstalls the guilty port and voila! all things are in an
> ordered universe!
> But how do you avoid those error messages... I installed a pretty
> minimal 7.2 about a week ago and since then have been putzing about with
> a more serious installation of 7.2 on a larger disk to include xorg and
> a number of pretty cumbersome applications.
> I usually start with samba as that permits me to wander about on my lan
> and download and play around with other stuff while I am waiting for
> those substantial installs like jdk and xorg et al.
> So now, I have installed samba... works fine... thereafter I have been
> installing jdk16 and some other proggies like openldap and php5 and
> mysql ... actually, I was doing those because apache22 wouldn't
> compile... it grinds out a slew of errors that all seem to be related to
> ldap..."util_ldap.c:2135 (or other numbers) and all have the notation
> "undeclared (first use in this function) and finally the ghost gives up
> with Error code 1.
> Exactly the same installation with the same configuration on the smaller
> installation went without a hitch... (and on the same computer,
> different disk) The versions are the latest available and on 7.2...
> I have tried uninstalling php5, openldap, and removing the work
> directory for apache22, but the result is always the same... this is absurd.
> Can anybody make any sense of this... I don't like the idea of starting
> all over again... done that, been there, and still looking for some
> rationality to this world.
> Thanks for any ideas...
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