On Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 01:29:26AM +0000, b. f. typed:
> Lane Holcombe wrote:
> >Here's what you do:  Setup for yourself a local cvs repository like so:
> >
> >portinstall -Pp net/cvsup-mirror
> >
> >You have to make decisions about what to mirror, but in the end you will
> >have a semi-authoritative mirror of all the source and ports for the
> >whole dang FreeBSD development tree, that will maintain itself and be
> >ready when you need it.
> It's good advice to make sure that you are using a base system and
> ports tree that are up-to-date, or at least contemporaneous and from a
> stable snapshot.  But it seems to me to be overkill to ask someone who
> is having trouble installing ports to mirror the FreeBSD repository.
> Snapshots downloaded per the instructions in the FreeBSD Handbook
> ought to be enough for most people.

Besides, an uptodate portstree is no guarantee at all that all ports will
compile and/or all dependencies will work. That's why there are periods of
ports freeze before every RELEASE.

On a desktop system, I tend to use binary packages only, coming with the


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