No question, just help for anyone that needs it.
After struggling with AbiWord 1.04, available
at, this is what you need
to make it work with FBSD 4.7, the "easy" solution
to which I did not come across in my searching:

1.  Download AbiWord 1.04 (1.03 crashed non-stop for me).

2.  FTP aspell-0.50.3.tgz *AND* psiconv-0.8.3.tgz
    from the FBSD ftp servers.

3.  Grab pspell-.12.2.tar.gz (source is on the internet somewhere)
    and "./configure; gmake; gmake install".

Then you should have a good and fairly stable version
of GTK AbiWord ...  In days of testing, it is the best
WP for FBSD IMHO.  It's native FBSD, and not a hog
like Office suites, not a half done piece of junk,
easy for anyone to use without training; and has
a good interface with most WP features, without
being overly bloated.  It's really the only
choice if you just want an ordinary average
WP for FBSD (with the added bonus that you don't
need 25 other pieces of software to make it work).
If I could only find a non-GNOME/non-KDE/non-Linux
browser(/email) package with the quality rendering
of Netscape-4.8 without the bloat, and get my USB
cameras to work, I'd be pretty happy.  It kinda
sucks to have to install an entire 100MB linux
distribution and 25MB of netscape stuff just to
view the web :)

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