--- "Miroslaw J. Wiechowski" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks a lot for your letter and detailed
> explanations.
> I am pretty new to FreeBSD and not yet well
> acquainted with
> all its pieces.

We are/were at one point. :) 

> >(dmesg)
> >agp0: <Intel 82810E (i810E GMCH) SVGA controller>
> mem
> >0xffa80000-0xffafffff,0xf8000000-0xfbffffff irq 11
> at
> >device 1.0 on pci0
> My hexaddresses differ and also I have irq 3 instead
> of irq 11.
> But probably this is machine-dependent.

Yeah, it will be different.  You may want to check
your BIOS to be sure it's on the right irq, and not
sitting with a com port(irq 3 is com2 by default),
maybe disabling com2 might help too. (not sure if that
will help, but it can't hurt)

> >(XF86Config)
> >Section "Device"
> >        Identifier "i810"
> >        Driver  "i810"
> >        Option "AGPMode" "1"
> >        VideoRam 10000
> >EndSection
> >   Subsection "Display"
> >        Depth       24
> >        Modes       "1280x960"
> >      ViewPort    1280 1024
> >    EndSubsection
> It is weird that my i810 accepts only color depth =
> 8, even
> in the lowest resolution (640x480) which works ok.
> This cannot
> possibly be dependent on the monitor I use.

I'm sorry, I forgot the Screen section to the
XF86Config... maybe you have DefaultDepth 8 set... 

Section "Screen"
        Identifier "Screen 1"
        Device  "i810"
        Monitor "monitor0"
        DefaultDepth 24

It's not, for the most part,  color depth is driven
the XF86Config,(afaik, that's it, unless your monitor
can't handle the H and V synch rates, make sure you
check on that, as I'm not sure),  make sure you've
read this chapter of the handbook,
as well as, 
which has a section on the i810 chipset at the bottom.
> >(pciconf -vl)
> >[EMAIL PROTECTED]:1:0:  class=0x030000 card=0x43328086
> chip=0x71258086 rev=0x03 hdr=0x00
> >    vendor   = 'Intel Corporation'
> >    device   = '82810e 810e Chipset Graphics
> Controller'
> >    class    = display
> >    subclass = VGA
> Ok, but the card number is different. Perhaps Intel
> issues 
> unique card numbers?

Yes, of course. 
> >(kernel options)
> >options         USER_LDT
> >device          agp
> Here I am not sure what you mean. I tried to find a
> command that
> displays kernel options but did not succeed.
> Could you explain?

These are kernel options, LDT  #allow user-level
control of i386 ldt (which is needed for X afaik) and 
agp # AGP GART support is i810 extention, afaik).  
If you haven't compiled a kernel with those options, 
I think LDT is in GENERIC,(or loaded the agp.ko
module)  you're going to have to.  


The handbook entry on compiling the kernel.

> Well, being a qualified programmer does not make you
> an expert
> on FreeBSD in three days ;-)

I'm sure it helps. :)
> Thanks for your help again
> Miroslaw J. Wiechowski

Not a problem, let's make sure this stays on the list,
 so others that have similar issues can use(if it
helps) the info here.

Jimmie James. 

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