David Collins wrote:
I have periodically tested with getting flash working, and everytime I
try it fails and I go back to undoing everything I have done and
re-installing gnash. Gnash works but it does have a few niggles.
I tried the following:

This is what I did for a 7.2 box.  Note that there are compatibility

     # pkg_info -orx linux > linux-stuff
     # pkg_delete -rx linux

     # cd /compat/linux
     # find . -type f -ls
     # rm -rf *

     # sysctl compat.linux.osrelease=2.6.16


   to /etc/make.conf.

     # portinstall www/nspluginwrapper
     # nspluginwrapper -v -a -i

* Finally, fire up Firefox and check that it has loaded the flash plugin by
  typing 'about:plugins' into the URL bar.  Find a site with flash content[*],
  and enjoy.

Everything installed easily and about:plugins has Shockwave Flash and
FutureSplash Player as enabled. But, when I go to youtube.com all I get a black
screen and the video doesn't load.

Does anyone have any ideas why flash isn't working?
Set linux_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf and make sure you are mounting linprocfs:
# Device            Mountpoint    FStype    Options        Dump    Pass#
linproc                /compat/linux/proc linprocfs rw        0    0

Check dmesg(8) or other system logs after trying to use flash and see if anything is being logged.

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