Does Bill Gates own any of those Linux distribution firms?
Maybe under a cover name?
I think it is interesting to know, as a lot of people do not want to support 
him, any more?
Or, does anybody know ?
I think, that it is reasonable to believe so!
Thanks *friendly* :-)

Another thought is, that a very simple help manual is needed, to learn using 
linux and all its programs. The existing help systems should be kept as is, I 
think. I have big problems finding my way in all the man, info, howtos etc. 
There simply is too much, and a lot exist in several programs, covering the 
same objects. E.g. in my suse linux, there is netscape, mozilla, konqueror, 
opera browsers. Also kppp, and kinternet, and so on. I find, that they many 
times to me seems to counteract and confuse me.
I am just an old pensioner of sixty som years old. It is ok to counteract 
alzheimers decease, but it prevents lots of people using linux ????
This above mentioned manual should use very simple words, and always a 
starting example with the most important issues, so one at least can get 
started. Someplaces it is relatively ok, but mostly not.


and lots of regards

Signature: If you are afraid to die, please note, that you just end up same 
place yor were, 10 months before you were born, and that wasn't that bad, as 
I remember it. *laughing - philosophic*
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