On Fri, 2003-07-04 at 01:31, Niel wrote:
> Does Bill Gates own any of those Linux distribution firms?
> Maybe under a cover name?

I haven't heard such a thing, but as a conspiracy-lover it sounds not

> Another thought is, that a very simple help manual is needed, to learn
> linux and all its programs. The existing help systems should be kept
as is, I 
> think. I have big problems finding my way in all the man, info, howtos

Interesting that you post this mail to the freeBSD mailinglists. The
absolute #1 reason for me running freeBSD instead of debian, SuSE,
Mandrake, Redhat (which I have tried all) is the Handbook. Finally
almost everything a user spanning from novice to regular can find
everything in the same document. That is for sure a huge success for the
freeBSD distribution.



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