On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 03:27:06PM -0700, Rus Foster wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Jul 2003, Crist J. Clark wrote:
> > Can anyone tell me exactly what "Virtual FreeBSD" is? If I Google the
> > term, I get a whole bunch of help webpages from various web hosting
> > outfits. What's spooky is all of the sites have the same content.
> > That definately gives me the impression someone is selling a product
> > called "Virtual FreeBSD" based off of, you guessed it, FreeBSD. I'm
> > trying to figure out exactly what this Virtual FreeBSD is and how it
> > differs from the vanilla FreeBSD.
> OK as one of those companies that offer Virtual FreeBSD it is normal
> FreeBSD. However what we basically do is run a jail on top of FreeBSD
> itself offering a virtual machine i.e. Virtual FreeBSD

I figured it was jail(8) or a suped up, customized jail. So where is
everyone getting this exact same set of documentation?


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