> Why is the Logo of FreeBSD an devil????
> What have an oparating System to do with the devil????
> Of course, there is something like daemon's (under Windows called services)
> but this is not the meaning of deamon!!!
> I think the meaning of daemon is
> d=disk
> a=and
> e=?  (i don't know)
> mon=monotoring
It is a play on words. the letters in daemon don't stand for anything.
It's basically because the meaning of the word daemon isn't necessarily
bad, but it means some kind of spirit that does things but can't be seen.
The background processes that service network requests, etc... are called
daemons because they sit quietly in the background doing things but can't
be seen (unless looked for).

FreeBSD uses the demon as a logo as a pun on the word daemon. It has no
religious meaning at all, and should be taken for what it is, just a pun.

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