On Monday 22 September 2003 10:52 pm, Ajax Munroe wrote:

> I dont have a question but I would like to make a
> statement. I downloaded Freebsd version 5.0 release and unpacked it
> in great anticipation. I made a bootable CD (the best I could, It's
> not as easy as making a bootable windows CD) put the cd in my rom and
> found that BSD is not for me.

Well, you said it yourself; BSD is not for you.  Being computer literate 
and being computer passionate are two different things.  If I did not 
have so much fun in hacking through the system and getting everything 
set up the way I want, I would have stuck with Windows as well.  
Windows functions perfectly well as a home desktop; I just wanted more.

BTW, how is copying an ISO image of FreeBSD to a CD harder than copying 
any other ISO to a CD?

Todd Stephens
ICQ# 3150790
"A witty saying proves nothing."

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