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I have a freeBSD server. Currently I am using POP3 server with MS outlook
as mail client. I would like to change POP3 to IMAP so that i can have a
centralized email system.

They are two separate protocols. What you need is an IMAP server. You can leave your POP server on too if you wish. You can have both.

Could anyone suggest me some good documentation for converting POP3
to IMAP. Please let me know if there are any important things i need
to keep in mind while making that change.

The docs come with the type of IMAP server you wish to use. I would classify IMAP servers as to how they handle your mail. Some like UW uses, I believe, mbox format. Cyrus uses its own format, and I believe can convert mbox format to its own. If you currently run Maildir format type mail, there are two that come to mind, Bincimap and Courier..

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