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Since qmail has a sendmail wrapper to begin with, as noted above, and
it is put in as a replacement (marking the original to sendmail.old),
in/usr/lib/sendmail, and /usr/sbin/sendmail why would you need the
above in mailer.conf?

You don't strictly need it, of course, but I find that FreeBSD's MTA wrapper is easier to use - it wasn't written just for qmail, and it doesn't involve directly messing with the sendmail executable.

Ah, okay..

> This makes setting up non-sendmail mailers quite a bit easier.  IIRC
> the PORT_NOTES file in the qmail port has more information about
> this.

Any non-sendmail mailer, I am assuming you mean those which require
the input of an actual SMTP source, can of course be set for SMTP as
localhost,, or the actual LAN IP address.

Er - you mean running two different MTA's on different interfaces on the
same machine?  Sure, I guess you could do that, if you wanted...

Actually, I was referring to running a MUA that does not use the Sendmail switch automatically, as Mutt would use, but something like KMail, or whatever, which requires one to put in the SMTP address (IIRC).

I'm just referring to how FreeBSD's MTA wrapper lets you switch between
sendmail, qmail, and any other sendmail-compatible MTA (say, Postfix)
without too much effort.

Okay, I am now seeing a better appreciation of how this FBSD MTA wrapper works, allowing one to switch MTAs almost on the fly... cool <g>

Thanks for your input..

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