Question for you guru's;

I've been trying to install a PAM module on my FreeBSD 5.1 system. Unfortunately, someone thought they were bright and included OpenPAM, which would be fine and dandy except for it is installed by default as static. This means I PAM is now AM, because nothing is pluggable. And the documentation on getting a 3rd party module to work is like slitting your wrists and doing pushups in salt water.

My request is this... I'd like to know if someone has ported Linux-PAM (the same code from the old 4.x BSD) to the new 5.x OS. If so, do you have a copy of the ported code? If not, where do I post a copy of the stuff I am going to have to port so others can use it?

Please respond privately, as I am not a member of the list.

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