> Having had some experience writing pam modules on a number of
> platforms, I whipped out my suite of pam test modules to have a look
> at this incredbible breakage you speak of.  I mean, there is a
> specification for pam after all.

I know of the specification.  However, I have a customized version of the
pam-mysql module that I have tried to install.  In a previous post to this
list about a week or two ago, I wrote about getting only the following
entrys in the log file (an example of one from today) :

Oct  5 13:04:15 sharktooth login: in opempam_load_module(): no
pam_mysql.so found
Oct  5 13:04:15 sharktooth login: pam_start(): failed to load module

Now, it is there in the /usr/lib/ directory, it has the correct
permissions, correct owner, etc.  In the /etc/pam.d/login file, I've even
put in absolute paths, and non-aboslute paths.  I've copied existing
module entries, changing only the module name (such as pam_unix to

> Hmmm... odd; the modules all build and work just fine, modulo some
> minor tweaks mostly related to gcc 3.x, even though I have never built
> them on FreeBSD 5 before.  Definitely no worse than when porting to
> certain commercial platforms.

Can you at least point me to some documentation?  I don't mind porting the
module.  I've copied the pam_unix.c module that comes with the openpam
source code (dogwood release, the one in 5.x), changed references from
pam_unix to pam_mysql, leaving the actual implementations in place so I
make sure that I'm not messing something up, and STILL get the same log
file entries, so it can't be the code in the module.  What's the deal?

> Whatever difficulties you are experiencing, I'd say the reason is not
> specifically related to openpam or FreeBSD 5.  Maybe if you post some
> details, such as source and error messages, someone will be able to
> help you.
>   Regards,
>   /Mikko
>  Mikko
>  RSA Security

If you want the source, give me a day or two to remove proprietary code,
and I can get that back to you - however, it will look extremely similar
to the existing pam_mysql module, because that was the basis for my work.
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