I've been toying with Vinum extensively these past few weeks, on 4.8, and I've yet to come across a way to effectively and *completely* clear a Vinum configuration. After creating a configuration, Vinum stores the configuration on the drive or drives and resetconfig does not clear that written config. Case in point, after reinstalling FreeBSD on a primary drive, Vinum started up and read the previous installs configuration from the second drive which had not been formatted. On another install, I tried zeroing out the 265 Vinum sectors found 16 sectors in on the primary drive, but was greeting with a "missing operating system" on reboot.

Two questions:

1) why doesn't resetnconfig clear all the configurations, including the ones written to Vinum drives?
2) why doesn't dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/da0 seek=16 count=265 work? What's in those 265 sectors that I can't touch?


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