On Wednesday, 15 October 2003 at 23:14:18 -0700, aarong wrote:
> After some extensive testing, I've come to the conclusion that Vinum
> refuses to create any type of volume on the drive I'm having trouble
> with. I'll create any number of volumes and/or additional plexes on the
> second drive in the system successfully, only to have all the volumes
> or plexes that reside on the second drive crash on reboot. Vinum's logs
> in /var/log/vinum_history aren't very helpful nor are any of the other
> debugging techniques listed in the vinum debug howto.

If you don't show them to me, I can't comment.

> /var/log/vinum_history is filled with "vinum started", "list",
> "dumpconfig", "start usr.p1", and "quit" messages - nothing
> descriptive of interest.

They would tell me the sequence of what you've done.

> The same goes for "vinum list" output, as well as dd'ing
> the sixth sector on both drives.

I suppose you mean the 8th.  But dumpconfig is more useful.

> This is a remote box without -DVINUMDEBUG built and such a procedure
> is far too prohibitive;

Why?  But there's no obvious need for it yet.

> it's already taken a week to find a competent tech at the datacenter
> to work with Vinum and another week to teach him how to setup a
> bootable Vinum volume. Needless to say we're far behind schedule. As
> much as I'd like to mirror things and leave it at that, it worries
> me greatly that something could be physically wrong with the second
> hard drive and this software RAID 1 setup is only giving my client a
> false sense of security. I'll need some sort of concrete evidence to
> ask for a new hard drive to be installed.

I don't think it's the drive.

> The first drive, known to Vinum as "alpha", is ad0 and has four
> perfect volumes which the system runs off of. The second drive,
> known to Vinum as "beta", is the slave on the secondary channel and
> hence is device ad3. I'm almost sure this has no relevance but as
> you can tell I'm completely lost. Both are identical in model,
> revision, and size.

If I could get a look at the log output, I might be able to help more.

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