Forgive me for saying:

If this system is borked with FreeBSD due to the cpu's not cycling
'down', then use a different operating system. FreeBSD is not responsible
for your trouble if you can solve the problem by moving on. Doing so and
solving the problem is more important than holding the OS and the
contributors to it accountable to something so seemingly far fetched. 

One way to test overall integrity of your hardware is to boot to bios and
leave it. Does it bake out on you? Then there is definitely something
wrong with your hardware, perhaps a fan is spinning less rpms than when

In my humble opinion this is probably not associated with the OS, but,
that doesn't solve 'your' problem. So besides seeing it for myself I can't
see an absolute need to use FreeBSD, in your words the problem, and not
use some other [$]NIX.

One last thing, if your CPU's are baking out and crashing, are you not
nervous that under load this will happen no matter what the OS? Tweaking
system variables will not help you if your server is working ultra-hard,
at some point you will reach a mark that your system should still be able
to do which currently it can't.

I doubt hardware manufactuers put out equipment that can't run at 100% at

My 2 cents.


On Mon, 3 Nov 2003, nw1 wrote:

> Both the board(s) and the processors were RMA'd.
> Both boards and all four (4) processors were swapped around between
both OS's and the
> problem remains using the hardware with the FreeBSD OS.  The latest
BIOS is installed.
> We also have a newly purchased board (S-2466), the same thing occurs.
> Details @
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> Subject: Re: Overheating attributed to Freebsd --sysctl variables notavailable--
> > On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 19:57, nw1 wrote:
> > > > What version of FreeBSD are you using?
> > > > Did you compile amp into the kernel?
> > >
> > > I think you're not understanding what I posted @
> > >
> > >
> > > The first line has what version I'm running.  The entire document @
> > > implies; this 
> > > was a
> > > running system with no serious issues; meaning; the sysctl items I'm speaking of 
> > > were
> in
> > > fact available and working.
> >
> > i can say from prior experience w/ hardware, if you system has
> > overheated you dont know where you stand (you may have damaged all kinds
> > of stuff, we had a board that over heated; then 2nd ide channel went
> > down, when we used micron ram!?! and micron was fine in board until the
> > overheat then any other brand ram worked) tyan has a three year warranty
> > use it! BUT my bet is there is a change in the chipset and you wont get
> > the sysctl mibs anyway. you try the newest BIOS flash?
> >
> > good luck
> >
> > if you want to ensure you get a new board, flex it until you stretch a
> > trace or two.
> >
> >
> >
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