On Nov 24, 2003, at 2:59 PM, Jesse Guardiani wrote:

I'm particularly fond of daemontools/supervise, actually. You've got to
jump through some hoops to get it working (process must run in
process must start first time, etc..), but it's very reliable and the
qmail style qmailctl script can be adapted to any configuration with
work to make an excellent control script.

Yes, it looks promising. I have it working for a few of my processes. I
was looking to something similar to Mac OS X Servers watchdog. This is
much better.

I get weird errors when I am trying to get saslauthd since I have to
use fghack to get it going.

Can you send me the qmailctl script or some examples that you have with
some daemons on your system?

Do you have weirdness when working with daemons that run themselves in the backgroud? One has to use fghack to place them in the foreground and then there is no control to stop the service through daemontools. For example saslatuhd..

Also does one only need to create a log directory if the application itself does not log? Or is this to log other information, I cant seem to find an answer to this on DJB site.



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