Because I didn't get any response on BSDforums, I've decided to try my chance here.

I'm trying to get my single user (belonging to the wheel group) mounting a CD drive under 5.x using devfs (5.2RC2).
Could somebody post a very simple howto showing the files to modify ? Thanx

So far I've tried the following things without success :

mkdir /home/username/mount/cdrom
chown username /home/username/mount/cdrom
chmod 755 /home/username/mount/cdrom

added the following to /etc/sysctl.conf

added the following to /dev/devfs.conf
link acd0 cdrom
perm acd0 0660

added /etc/devfs.rules with
add path 'acd*' mode 660

added the following to /etc/rc.conf

/dev/cdrom now shows up and root can use it to play a DVD for example but user cannot use it either directly (/dev/cdrom) or when trying to mount a CD (mount_cd9660 /dev/cdrom /home/username/mount/cdrom) .. the result is “Operation not permitted”

Thank you
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