I can confirm an issue posted Dec 3rd, freebsd-stable maillist, titled
"4.9 install buglet".

I experience this bug running the install (various configurations) 100%
of the time.  After install, after system reboot, the boot loader comes
up with F1: FreeBSD, and reboots continually forever.  To test, I made 3
installs without issue using 4.8.  So first, I'd like to confirm the bug
report, and ask the following.

In his "buglet" post, Ian noted the following work around.

> Work around.  Force write in label screen (or rewrite MBR
> and label post reboot)

Looking at fdisk, and the label utility I see nothing option along these
lines.  Could someone explain to me what/how to do this?

Has anyone else seen this apparently prevalent issue?  Is a fix likely,
or do these kind of things just slip by?  I did not expect this from a
'stable' release.

Unfortunately, I'm making my second attempt at evaluating FreeBSD (last
time I used an active box - and got frustrated with bad ports, MySQL/BSD
issues, and needed to get the box online, so I installed something that
worked).  I'm interested in BSD's lean-ness, and other aspects, as
opposed to other "nix'es".  Needless to say, testing again using 4.9
this time hasn't been very impressive.

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