I've fixed the problem, but for the benefit of others...

> Please qualify "reboots continutally forever."  It reboots after printing
> the F1: FreeBSD message, or after you press a key, or what?

Yes, hitting a key.  I would suppose if I let it time out it'd do the same.

> This sounds like a BIOS issue. boot0 uses only BIOS calls to do its work.
> Lots of problems like this are also caused by bad drive geometry.

4.8 installs correctly 100%, 4.9 fails 100%.
> What is the partition layout on the disk(s) in the system? Hardware
> description?

One of my old test boxes, on which I've install most everything in the past.  Single 
partition, Micron/Intel mb, PII 300, SIS graphics, 4 gig ide, 256 ram.
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