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Hi Greg,

I've just rebooted back into SUSE from FreeBSD. I use Grub to boot them
both, and Win2k (for how often it gets used, I might as well dump it ;-))

I can safely say even with UFS2 on 5.2, I can boot with

There is no issue booting kernels on a UFS2 with GRUB. The issue is that GRUB needs to be installed somewhere. There is more to GRUB than the 512 bytes on the MBR. It needs to read config files off of a filesystem. Where are your config files? are they on a UFS2 filesystem? Or are they on your ext2 file systems?

If you have have managed to get a GRUB to read it's config files off of
UFS2, let me know, and I will research that area. AFAIK, grub can not
read it's config files off of UFS2 filesystem.

BootIt, which I used for a long time, works quite nicely and automagically; so does GAG, and GAG is

- not Windows-dependent, for those who care about such things

- free as in beer *and* speech, for those who care about such things :)

It also works great - I'm running 5 OSs (including -CURRENT on UFS2) on a 3-drive system (2 in RAID-0, one standalone), and GAG has never had the slightest trouble.

<URL: http://gag.sourceforge.net/>


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