Well, basicly, most people I know don't like the graphical installations
like Red Hat and Mandrake. When I worked with Mandrake some time ago I
never chosed the graphical installation either ...

And as far as I know, FreeBSD isn't aiming as much to user
friendly-enviroments as Mandrake is. FreeBSD is an operating system you
need to take your time for, and you need to read the proper
documentation. FreeBSD is user friendly enough when you know how it
works (take the ports-tree for example), but it requires that the user
is willing to invest time in the Operating System.


On 3/7/2004, "Donald Turnbull" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>Does the folks of FreeBSD has any plans to make installation more user friendly for 
>the newbie or the non-tech minded user for example like Red Hat or Mandrake Linux 
>installation? The point for technology is to make people lives easier right?
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