On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 10:22:51AM +0000, Supote Leelasupphakorn wrote:
> > You're specifying a date string right down to the precise
> >second that
> > the patches were applied to the tree, which I think is
> confusing
> > cvsup, and getting you the state of things just before the
> update.
> > All you need to do is specify a date *after* the patches went
> > into the
> > tree, but before the next set of patches.  Try:
> >     date=3D2004.
> > The next commits to RELENG_4_8 were as a result of
> > FreeBSD-SA-04:04.tcp.asc, which went into the tree at
> 2004-03-> 02
> > 17:27:47 UTC so you're no danger of overshooting and getting
> > 4.8-RELEASE-p16.

>    Recently, I used below supfile (date after corrected date
> stated in Security Advisory but I can't get the branch I
> would like to get (4.8-RELEASE-p15). Anyway I can get most
> updated
> branch version (4.8-RELEASE-p16). Is it the my system date/time
> issue ?
> ------------------------------------
> *default host=
> *default base=/usr/local/etc
> *default prefix=/usr1
> *default release=cvs date=2004. tag=RELENG_4_8
> *default delete use-rel-suffix
> *default compress
> src-all

Shouldn't be. The date is passed to the cvsup server, and it's the
cvsup server's clock which would be used (if needed: the cvsup server
will be comparing timestamps written into the CVS ,v files in the
repository) -- as you seem to be using your own private cvsup server
rather than one of the FreeBSD ones, check with the admins of that
machine to be sure that the clock is set correctly.

Note that if your system clock on your own machine is not set
correctly, then while you can cvsup(1), you'll probably have all sorts
of trouble actually compiling.

About the only thing I can think of that may be affecting you is that
cvsup may not believe it 'owns' all of the files under /usr/src -- see
http://www.cvsup.org/faq.html#caniadopt and the following questions 11
and 12.  The instructions date back a few years, but it should be
fairly obvious how to adapt them for RELENG_4_8.



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