> I downloaded the mini FreeBSD for this little pc i have, but im not sure 
> what files to put on cd. Could you please give me a hand? the attached 
> pic is what was unziped. Thank you  -Chris

No attached PIC.

It depends on your intent and the amount of disk space you have
 - also on how fast your internet connection is.
I normally install everything including source.

But, there are several items that select an appropriate subset for
that choice.   So, minimal installation selects just what you need
to get a basic server with no X running.  You can add X if you want.
I suggest that you at least install a "standard" system with X and ports.
But, if you have enough disk space - at least 3 GB free, more is better,
just select everything.  Then you can play more later.

If you do that, make sure either /usr is big - at least 1.5 GB or
that you move and link /usr/local and /usr/ports to something in
your larger space before doing anything with ports or X desktops.


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