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> > > Actually, I think the intention of the MINI-ISO is to boot and
> > > run the installation with everything loaded from one of the ftp
> > > sites.   
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> > I believe you're thinking of the bootonly.iso (21MB) which is just
> > the boot/sysinstall stuff.
> I don't remember seeing any bootonly.iso in what is offered under any
> of the regular directory trees on the main ftp.freebsd.org site.


Perhaps you were only looking in the 4.x branches which do not have
a bootonly.iso .

> Maybe the mini.iso contains more than just /stand/sysinstall, but
> it still needs ftp access to do a complete install - or another CD.

Not really.  All the bits to install the FreeBSD operating system
are on there.  If, by "complete install", you mean XFree86 with
KDE/Gnome/etc, then yes, you need another disc: disc1.iso.  Which was
exactly what I was pointing out to the original poster.  Even that
will not have an abundance of 3rd party applications due to space
limitations.  Most people do not consider the 3rd party applications
as part of FreeBSD as an operating system although it is agreed
that most people will also be installing and using many 3rd party

I've contacted the FreeBSD Release Engineering and requested that
information about the contents of each disc be added to the
release announcement.  They think this is a good idea and will see
about doing that for future releases.

And, thanks to Chris for bringing this up so that we can make our
documentation/information more helpful.

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