Thanks Dave,

I am sure the problem is that I do not have the networking on the FreeBSD box setup correctly. Anyway, 3 computers on the network, 1 FreeBSD, 1 XP and 1 Win98. All connected to router at IP The FreeBSD machine is set and should be set to OK, all work fine until, I try to call up the the static IP, or call up and of the websites by http: from a browser or using lynx on the FreeBSD box, I get an error: Alert!: Unexpected network read error; connection aborted or on the Win boxes the browser just times out. Shortly after or at the timeout, the router freezes and I have to power reboot it.
I am very sure that this is because I have not properly set it up and the error is just a symptom of that. In rc.conf for settings all I have right now is:

ifconfig_xl0="inet netmask"

I have read a lot about it and suspect this isn't right but really not sure how to make the change. I think it should be:

ifconfig_xl0=""    #static IP address
ifconfig_rl0="inet netmask"

Just afraid to proceed for fear of taking my server offline and not being able to get it back online. The boss would not be happy. LOL

Thanks for your time Dave, very nice of you.


dave wrote:

   What is your network problem?

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